At Millar Angus we place a great deal of emphasize on the mama cow, knowing you have to have a good factory. For a cow to stay in our herd, she needs to be efficient and functional, raising a big calf with a consistent breed back year after year. She must be a hard working female with calving ease, good replacement heifers and temperament. Our herd consists of deep-bodied females that provide the thickness, length and good udder quality our customers look for. Our cattle must be easy fleshing and as economical and profitable as possible to help reduce those always rising input costs.

Today’s Millar Angus herd consists of 450 Angus cows and is backed by over 30 years of A.I. breeding. The first cows purchased trace back to the foundation bloodlines of Traveler 8180, Marshal Pride and Black Revolution. More recent sires used include: Tombstone 050, Millars Cash, Connealy Consensus and Millars Designer. Our heifers are synchronized to start calving January 10 th and the cows are AI’d for one natural cycle to start calving January 20 th . Clean-up bulls are turned out for 45 days. We are proud to say we have seen many customers experience increased weaning weights off the cow and substantial gains in feedlot performance. Great pride is taken in the herd we have put together over the years. You are invited to stop by the ranch anytime to take a look for yourself.